Ways to Get a Greyhound Discount

What’s better than getting a good price when booking your travel through Greyhound Lines? Getting an even better price by using one of the many discounts available when purchasing your Greyhound Bus tickets. Greyhound offers many ways through which you can cut your transportation costs and save, which include the following available discounts:
greyhound discount web only
Web only fares: Typically the best deals on Greyhound Bus tickets can be found online. Since the booking process is simplified through the website and requires less employee effort that savings gets passed on to the consumer. Not only is it more convenient and flexible, but buying your bus tickets online can save you some money in the process.

Advance Purchase: You can usually get a larger discount when you purchase your Greyhound Bus Tickets Seven or more days in advance of your departure. The amount of discount and specials varies seasonally, so be sure to check out the official Greyhound Bus website to see the latest offers and conditions.

Friends and Family: This is an excellent way to get Greyhound Bus discounts when traveling with Friends and Family. You simply buy one Greyhound bus ticket at full price and get up to two companion tickets for half off. Currently an advance purchase of three days prior to travel is required to get these cheap Greyhound tickets.

Child Discount: Children traveling on Greyhound Lines have their own rules and pricing. Children under 2 year old that are accompanied by an individual at least 15 years old are free as long as they don’t occupy a seat. Children up to the age of twelve will receive a 25% discount. Refer to the official Greyhound Bus website for more details.

Senior Discount: Those over the age of 62 are eligible for a 5% discount on unrestricted Greyhound Bus Fares. Proof of ID may be required to receive this discount.

Military Discount: Greyhound Lines is proud to serve those that have served in the armed forces and provides all active duty, retirees, and dependents a 10% discount on a walk-up fare. Additional restrictions apply, so be sure to review the terms and conditions.greyhound discount military

Veteran’s Advantage: Thanks to the Veteran’s Advantage Card, Veterans can receive 20% off as part of their membership in the Veterans Advantage Program. The Veteran’s Advantage program is a paid membership service that offers discounts to veterans from certain merchants and suppliers. Click here to enroll.  The requirement to take advantage of this offer is to sign up for a discount card and enter the card number as you are purchasing your ticket either online or in person.

Student Advantage: After getting a Student Advantage Discount Card, you qualify to save 20% off the normal fare prices for in person or online purchases. The Student Advantage Program offers discounts from both local and national business partners to its members. You must be a currently enrolled High School or College Student to participate in the program. You can enroll or find out more information on the Student Advantage Program here.

Road Rewards Discount: Be sure to check out all of the discounts available through the Greyhound Bus Lines Road Rewards Program as an additional way to receive a Greyhound Discount.

Extended Discounts on Other Greyhound Services:  In addition to obtaining a discount on Greyhound Bus tickets, the company also extends various discounts on their shipping services known as the Greyhound Package Express.  The same category of discounts noted above for students and service members applies at a greater discount when shipping with Greyhound.


In Summary: there are numerous was to get a Greyhound Discount.  By far the most advantageous way to get a cheap Greyhound Bus Ticket is to make your plans in advance and book online for the deepest discounts.