Ten Tips for taking a Greyhound Bus Trip

The stories about Greyhound bus trips that you sometimes hear can relay mixed experiences. With these helpful tips, almost everyone can agree that your Greyhound trip can be as comfortable as you are prepared for it to be.  Hence, if you are wondering whether there is some big secret about how to travel on Greyhound lines let us tell you a few. Here are 10 tips to help you before and during your ride.
greyhound travel tips

1. Make sure you schedule your trip and get your Greyhound bust tickets EARLY. If you know that you will be traveling months in advance of your intended arrival date, book your ticket from then. The low fares will not be available the day before or on the day of travel, and by then they will still be higher than they were weeks or months before. Furthermore, as much as is possible, avoid traveling on Fridays and Saturdays when the buses will be more crowded- travel during the week. Be sure to check out these helpful tips to get discount Greyhound tickets for your trip.

2. Ensure that you plan your trip so that you arrive at least one day before you need to be at your destination, especially in high seasons or the winter months. While you are at it ensure that there are at least two other bus schedules that will get you to where you are going, just in case your bus is delayed, breaks down or you miss that bus for whatever reason. Also, ensure that you print your Greyhound schedule and every other schedule at your connecting points or where you might layover. That way you know your options if something goes wrong.

3. It is understandable that not everyone owns a credit card, so if you know you must pay by cash, the ‘Pay with Cash’ option available will allow you to reserve your ticket online, then complete the transaction by cash at one of the participating retailers- Ace Cash Express or 7-Eleven.
greyhound bus tips
4. To get out of all the hassle of lines to get your ticket printed at a Greyhound Station, get a head start and be sure to print your ticket at home. This will save you a lot of time so you don’t have to wait in the usually long line at Will Call. You can buy your ticket online and print it at the same time, just ensure you have your ID with you when you are going to board the bus.

5. Check to see if the express service is located in your city and if its going to where you want to go. It is a service you should want to take advantage of, because you are guaranteed a seat with free Wi-Fi and power outlets. In addition to all this, the Express buses generally do not make stops along the way unless out of courtesy to passenger who is not disembarking at a Greyhound Station.

6. Forget all the makeup and jewelry.  We suggest you wear comfortable, well-worn clothes, and put whatever money you decide to travel with deep inside your pockets or in a money belt. If you look like just an average Greyhound traveler, you will not have a red painted target on your forehead, or your pockets for that matter.

7. The buses can get a bit loud sometimes, especially if you are traveling on the same bus as a group of friends. Hence, we advise that you pack your ear plugs and earphones. Make sure you also bring a travel pillow and in winter it can get a little cold so make sure you pack a blanket. A good book and plenty of snacks and water will also go a long way.

If you decide to sleep, just ensure you are aware of the transfers and stops so that you do not miss your own.


8. Do not sit towards the back of the bus! On the older buses the diesel fumes can be a bit stifling, and the toilets will sometimes smell, especially on those very long trips of 8 hours or more. Sit up front where you can get some fresh air on each stop.

9. As much as you might be opposed to using the restroom frequently, we advise that you keep hydrated. It can get pretty hot in the bus, especially if you sit towards the rear or the middle, so be sure to drink lots of water. Make sure you print a copy of the Greyhound schedule and coordinate stops at Greyhound Locations; try drinking a bottle of water 45 minutes to an hour before each stop, that way you can use the facilities you stretch your legs at the same time.
greyhound bus lines travel tips
10. Be a confident traveler. Research your stops and layovers as best as you can so that you are not lost or left looking baffled when they drop you off at what looks like a seemingly random place. Ensure you are polite to the people who are around you, and very blunt when you need to be. Both will ensure people do not prey on you while ensuring that if you have a problem there will be others who are willing to help you out. The less you keep yourself isolated, the safer you will be, but do not be careless about making friends. And be sure to check in with family and friends along the way, that way they are not left wondering and will be quickly alerted to something outside of the norm if you do fail to check in.

Traveling on the Greyhound can be very rewarding, it is all a matter of how well prepared you are and the attitude you have.  Happy travels!