One Way Greyhound Bus Tickets

greyhound one way ticket prices
Greyhound is the largest interstate bus service that serves to more than 3,800 destinations in North America and Canada.  Greyhound Lines services the transportation needs of more than 25 million passengers every year from one place to another.   Greyhound bus tickets come in various types of with different discounts and benefits offered based on available routes and seasonality. The two most popular types of Greyhound fares purchased are either Round-trip or One Way. By far the most popular ticket purchase by passengers is for one way travel.  In this write-up brief information is provided about Greyhound bus fares for one way tickets along with their difference compared to Round Trip Greyhound bus tickets prices and restrictions.

A little bit about One Way Greyhound tickets:
If you are traveling and have no intent to return to your departure city then buying one way Greyhound bus tickets is the best option for you. In most cases, purchasing a one way Greyhound ticket is the most affordable and convenient mode of transportation compared to traveling by air.

Benefits of One Way Greyhound Bus Tickets:
No large premiums: One way Greyhound bus fares provide you flexibility with your return plans and you are not penalized unlike you would be with the airlines for just traveling one way. Typically, one way Greyhound bus ticket prices are half the cost of an equivalent round trip fare. The cost of purchasing two one way tickets for several popular routes at different times is roughly the same cost of a round trip ticket, so if your travel plans are indefinite it is to your advantage to purchase a single One Way ticket and finalize the your return at a later date.

Discounts: Often discounts are also offered on one way Greyhound bus tickets for less popular routes if you buy them in advance. Greyhound bus ticket prices also fluctuate seasonally and around holidays much like airline fares. If you buy the tickets for Greyhound buses well in advance they can be considerably cheaper as compared to purchasing the day of travel. These advance purchase discounts are usually advertised by Greyhound for encouraging people to buy them at least two weeks before their desired travel dates. Sometimes, even if you buy the tickets one week in advance you can avail smaller discounts on one way tickets. Check out our page to learn more ways to get a Greyhound discount. greyhound-one-way-tickets

Convenience: While traveling through major cities one way Greyhound tickets make your traveling more convenient as you can get buses for various other routes from there. Because Greyhounds services so many locations this can be ideal for any last minute or emergency travel plans that arise.

Various purchase options for buying one way bus tickets: Greyhound offers the convenience to purchase tickets through various options including Greyhound bus terminals, online sources, and third-party bus ticket retailers similar to the purchase of round trip tickets. In select popular markets, passengers have the option to use the Print at Home ticketing service which allows you to bypass the lines and proceed directly to the gate by printing your one-way or round trip ticket before you arrive at the terminal. Additionally if you don’t have printing capabilities you can use the Will Call ticket option to pick up your tickets when you arrive at the Greyhound Bus Station.

Restrictions on one way Greyhound tickets:
Difference in prices: There may be slight difference between the Greyhound bus ticket prices of two one way tickets and that of round trip ticket for less popular routes as they offer certain discounts on the latter one.

Infrequent discounts: Though discounts can considerably lower the cost Greyhound tickets but these discounts are rarely offered as one-way tickets are normally sold at the last minute.
Inconvenience in getting last minute tickets: You may have to wait to book the ticket for your return journey if you buy one way Greyhound bus tickets while traveling from your home. Moreover it can be hard to get last minute one way return ticket on the less popular routes as the bus service is not so frequent on these routes.

One way Print at Home Tickets only for selected routes: Before printing your one way tickets at home you will have to check their website about their availability for the destination of your interest as they are available only for many selected locations and routes. Though print-at-home one way tickets make your journey comfortable but you must have valid photo ID with you while boarding the bus. Moreover these tickets are usually non-refundable unless you have opted for refundable one way tickets while printing them.

Print at Home baggage information: After arriving at bus terminal you should check with customer service about the information regarding your baggage as the Greyhound Baggage Policy applies certain restrictions on what you can and can’t carry on board.

In Summary when your return plans are up in the air, the option to purchase a One Way Greyhound ticket is your best bet as it allows you a lot more flexibility and convenience.