New York to Toronto and Montreal Bus Service

You probably knew about the numerous bus routes offered within the United States by Greyhound Lines and Trailways, but did you know that you could use their affordable and dependable services to travel to Canada?   Greyhound and Trailways line of New York have teamed together to offer bus service from NYC and other select New York cities to Montreal and Toronto and back.  This bus service between New York and Canada is a great travel alternative for both professionals and tourists alike as it offers you the opportunity to take in some wonderful scenery through the New England area without the stress of driving yourself.New York to Toronto and Montreal Bus Service picture 1

History of the Service

NeOn Bus Service runs most of its routes from the USA’s New York area to Toronto and Montreal in Canada. The New York to Ontario, Canada transit service gained its name from the first two letters of the main cities involved in the service’s routes. The first time the buses rolled out on this cooperative effort between Greyhound New York services of America and Greyhound Canada and Trailways of New York was May 29, 2008. Their physical corporate headquarters are based in Dallas, Texas, although no routes with NeOn travel there.

Current Routes

Routes offered currently cover a dozen different locations in the Northeast USA. Albany, Binghamton, Buffalo, and the Buffalo Airport, New York, New York Penn Station, Plattsburgh, Rochester, Syracuse, and Utica are in the covered area on the USA side. In Canada, Montreal and Toronto are the two main cities covered by NeOn Bus Services.  New York to Toronto and New York to Montreal are two of the service’s most traveled routes. Travel inside Canada from Montreal to Toronto is fast and simple. Toronto to New York, through Greyhound New York Station is good for business professionals and tourists visiting from other countries, but who want to see both of the sights in New England and Canada. Several of these routes are nonstop, and some are very low-cost, as low as a single dollar. Paying in advance usually results in the passenger paying a much lower fee for his or her ticket. In some situations, this is required, such as when purchasing bus tickets for routes traveling out of one country to the other will require that a prepaid return ticket to the country of origin be purchased at the same time.

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Restrictions Passengers Should Know About

Parents traveling with children but not the other parent must be prepared to present proof that the other parent consents to his or her child(ren) crossing the USA/Canadian border. Return tickets to the original boarding location must be purchased in advance for children, also. All luggage may be inspected at the border. Citizens of countries other than Canada and the USA may be required to pay $10 for immigration fees. Tickets must be used only on the date they have listed on them.

Luggage may not contain any item that may be smelly, dangerous, explosive, or corrosive. This includes matches, fireworks, gasoline and other fuels, oils, and firearms. All of a passenger’s belongings must be a suitcase or duffel bag, with no protruding items, and may not contain laptops. Laptops must be contained in carry-on luggage only. Medications and money must also be carried on the bus with the passenger, and may not be placed in luggage stored underneath the bus.


Most buses have WiFi connectivity that passengers can hook up to while traveling. Other devices that require electricity for charging may be plugged into the outlets available at every seat. Each seat now has more legroom than in times past, and allows passengers to more fully relax during transit from one city to the next. The bathroom facilities are still standard features of the service’s fleet, as are individual lighting features at each seat. Passengers can listen to music, work and socialize on their laptops, and read a book under adequate lighting. For those who wish to sleep, the legroom space allows for seats to be easily reclined.

Border Requirements

New York to Toronto and Montreal Bus Service picture 2Boarding of buses requires all passengers 15 years of age and older to present valid ID in the form of a passport, NEXUS, or enhanced drivers license/state ID card. Teens aged 16 to 18 on an adult supervised outing for their school, religious or cultural club, or athletic team may present a copy of their birth certificate instead.

New York to Montreal and New York to Toronto, and their return routes, require passengers go through immigration. Inspection of luggage may occur at that time, and examination of documentation of citizenship of each passenger may take some time. Passengers may reboard the bus when they have completed their immigration processing.

In Summary if you are looking to travel from New York to Toronto or Montreal or from Montreal or Toronto to New York the Bus fares offered by NeOn bus service are hard to beat.  Be sure to check out the official Greyhound Bus Website to see the latest schedules, Greyhound discount offerings and to purchase your NYC to Greyhound Canada bus tickets.