How To Maintain Your Bus

Even if you are just the driver of a public utility bus and not the owner, you still carry the responsibility of maintaining the bus not only to make it suitable enough for the passengers to ride in but also to make sure it is safe for everyone who ride in it. You know if you do your part for these matters, you will find out that you will also benefit from them in the form of higher revenue on Greyhound tickets from the bus trips you make.

Check the Bus Personally

One of the things that you need to focus on in terms of maintaining the bus you are driving is its roadworthiness. Although the bus company you are working for most probably have their own garage complete with a team of mechanics, it will not hurt you if you do some re-checking yourself. The mechanics—being human themselves—are not exempted from making mistakes, not to mention the fact that accidents can be prevented if you have made sure that the engine, together with the other parts of the bus are running properly. Some of the things that you need to keep an eye on are the brakes, the steering wheel, and the air conditioner to keep your passengers comfortable and safe during the trip.

Clean the Bus Interiors

Of course, you also have to clean the insides of the bus. You can’t help the fact that some passengers are not disciplined enough to throw their garbage in the trash can or that they spill their drinks on the seats so you are left with little or no choice but to clean the bus.

  • You can take the carpet and air it out under the sun after dusting it. This way, you can get rid of the dust which has stuck to the carpet and you can also dry out any moisture from it, thereby avoiding it from having bad odors.
  • Vacuuming the carpet is also another option that you can explore.
  • Spraying a disinfectant on the seats and the handles is also a good way of sanitizing the interior of the bus.
  • While doing these things do not forget to wash the bus’ exterior also.

Check the entire bus

It is also necessary that you check the whole bus before you go on any trip if only to make sure that everything is running properly.

  • Probably the most important thing that you have to check is your gas level because you certainly don’t want to cut your journey short due to lacking gas.
  • In the same way that checking if the brakes are working well helps in maintaining the safety of everybody onboard the bus.