Helpful Tips on Purchasing Greyhound Tickets


With gas prices ever on the increase, people are looking for alternative ways to travel long distances. Fortunately, there is a solution – Greyhound tickets.

greyhound tickets

Company Background

Greyhound is an intercity bus company founded in 1914, proving transportation between over 2300 destinations across the United States and Canada.  Greyhound tickets can be purchased from a wide range of vendors online. These can provide extreme savings compared to the cost of driving long distances in a private car.  Additionally, you do not then have to worry about parking as well as the fees related to it once you reach your destination.

On Purchasing Greyhound Tickets

greyhound bus ticketsWhen ordering Greyhound tickets online, you should be sure to check as many vendors as possible and ensure that you are getting the best deals in finding cheap Greyhound tickets. 

  • Advance Booking: Greyhound bus ticket prices are almost always cheaper when booked in advance, even up to 50% discount. So it is well worth planning ahead to ensure you get your Greyhound tickets as cheap as possible so as to maximize your savings.
  • Special Discounts: You can also get special discounts on your Greyhound tickets online if you are a student, veteran, or on active military duty.
  • Via Phone: For people who want to book Greyhound tickets over the phone, most booking agencies have contact numbers where you can speak to an operator. Be warned though that you will not get as good deals as when you buy Greyhound tickets online.

Traveling by Greyhound is a relaxing and enjoyable experience, compared to the stress of driving. You are able to sit back and relax without having to worry about driving, traffic or being pulled over by cops!  We would like to offer you these 10 Tips for taking a Greyhound Bus Trip prior to embarking on your journey to make your trip go more smoothly.


Services Offered by Greyhound Bus

greyhound bus lines ticketsThere is a range of Greyhound routes offered, If you are looking for routes  which minimize the number of stops, ensuring that your travel time is reduced, check out the Greyhound Express which offers direct service between select cities.

For Children

  • Children are welcome to travel when accompanied by adults.
  • Moreover, parents are able to use of a child safety seat, if desired, as long as it is stated when ordering.
  • Children are also given an extra discount, making Greyhound tickets a great way to save money on family vacations, as well as on long distance trips for adults.

For Passengers with Disabilities

  • Greyhound offers a range of services to assist them, and has special phone numbers to ensure that all potential disabilities are accounted for.
  • If a passenger has a disability, they should make sure that they speak to a representative before they purchase their Greyhound tickets online. This will alert them of any potential issues and will ensure that full assistance can be given.
  • Passengers with disabilities will also be assisted at rest stops by a Greyhound member, staff or contractor when so requested.

Ultimately, when you are looking to travel long distance, and looking to save money, Greyhound tickets are a great way to travel without breaking the bank and without sacrificing comfort or speed.