Greyhound Package Express

The Greyhound bus lines are well known for convenient travel around the US and even into Canada and Mexico, but what many of us are unaware of, is that Greyhound also offers package and shipping services called Greyhound Package Express. Greyhound Package Express reviews describe this shipping with greyhound service as reliable, efficient and economic. The counter to counter shipping and door to door shipping they provide gives one of the best combination of value and service in a time-critical and expedited timeframe, across thousands of Greyhound drop off locations from coast to coast.

The Greyhound Package Express provides a myriad of services to corporations, individuals and businesses, with shipment services and discounts geared at the military, students, veterans and anyone else who needs packages shipped from one point to another. Testimonials and Greyhound Package Express reviews from customers state that they offer affordable, convenient and timely shipping options, with multiple departures each day from all stations and 365 days per year.
greyhound package express door to door
With just a call or a click, you can access Greyhound shipping’s door to door services, where they will pick up your package from your home or establishment and place it on one of its many daily departures from Greyhound Package Express locations, to be delivered to your customer on the same day or early the next day. The simple delivery options include:

Business Service
This is by far one of the most economical business delivery services available. The shipment must be available no less than five hours before scheduled pickup, and if you would like to have a same day service delivery, the pickup must be done by 12 pm the latest on that day. Failure to meet this deadline will see the package being delivered the following morning.

Rush Service
This service is just what you need if you cannot wait until the next day to have your packages delivered. If the shipment is made available by 3 pm that day, it can be delivered at the end of the same business day. If it is available after 3 pm then it will be delivered no later than 9 am the following day. As is expected, there is an increased cost for this service.
Weekends, After Hours, Residential and Holiday Services.

One of the greatest advantages of the Greyhound Express Package delivery service, is that it is available all day everyday including holidays. If you desire a simple door-to-door service is what you need done then the conditions mentioned above must be met. Likewise if you need a rushed service, then those conditions also apply.
Additional services include:

This is the cheapest way of sending packages through Greyhound that are not time critical. The packages delivered using this service are accommodated based on the availability of space on each departure. The service is available for both counter to counter shipping and door to door shipping, with over-sized packages requiring more transit time. For this service, drop-off and pick-up is done within normal business hours.

This service offer for time critical shipments, and provides a full money-back guarantee to ensure that it arrives on the specified schedule. A myriad of pick up and drop off time options are available including after business hours for both door-to-door and counter-to-counter services. Each shipment is guaranteed to go on the next scheduled departure to your specified destination. This is service is however only available for shipments that are going less than 800 miles from its point of origin.

This service the most specialized and fastest method to do shipping by Greyhound. It makes use of hired vehicles traveling along specific routes for shipment delivery to be as fast as is possible. It is only available for shipments within a 400 mile range from the point of pickup. They ask that you do not call for the service unless the package is ready, as the pickup will sometimes be done within minutes of you placing the call. The estimated time of arrival is solely based on the total time needed to make the drive and will be determined at the same time and cost for the service is given. NOTE that this service is only available for door to door deliveries.
greyhound package express delivery

Greyhound shipping costs are determined by distance of delivery, the service you want to use and the size and weight of the package. What they do specify is that for pickups and delivery outside of a 15-mile radius from the Greyhound terminal you use will attract additional costs, which include:

– As of April 2015, An additional US$1.75 per mile for the first 100 lbs an added $0.05 per pound will be added thereafter.

The Greyhound package service not only gives you competitive prices, they offer several discounts and special offers that can save you even more. The discounts and deals offered might change from time to time, so be sure to check the official Greyhound Express shipping website.

The following are the standard offers they have available year round:
Veterans and Military discounts of up to 40% for shipments after your first time shipping with Greyhound.

Student discounts of up to 40% for shipments after your first time shipping via Greyhound.

Busfreighters discount of up to 50% for simultaneous shipments of six and more pieces.

Social media savings are also available at different times throughout the year and for various purposes, be sure to ask about them when you use this service.
The Greyhound shipping service also adds a fuel surcharge to each shipment that exceeds 3 pieces; however, the rates differ according to distance.

The Greyhound Package Express service can be found on thousands of routes with several hundred Greyhound shipping locations. The Greyhound bus website offers a site locator where you can input your location and package destination to find the best route to accommodate your package delivery and obtain a greyhound shipping quote.

In addition to this terminal locator, you also have the ability to obtain greyhound package express tracking of your package using the specific order or bill number online.


The Greyhound Package Express services are extremely reliable and Greyhound shipping prices are cost effective. The fact that you are not limited to delivery within business hours and days is an added advantage. Be sure to ask about any offers and deals they might have available when you solicit their services.