Greyhound Luggage Limits

greyhound luggage limits
The last thing you want to do when you arrive at the Greyhound terminal is to be charged additional fees or denied transport of your personal belongings because you didn’t know or weren’t aware of Greyhound’s Luggage Limits.  These limits are imposed  to ensure that each bus has ample room to accommodate all passenger’s belongings below the bus and to provide passenger comfort with regards to Carry on luggage.   Being familiar with these policies and procedures before you arrive at the station will help ensure that your Greyhound travel experience will be more enjoyable.

When passengers arrive at the Greyhound station for their trip, they need to check their luggage in with the proper personnel.  They will then transfer their bags to the Greyhound baggage handler at their specific buses. Greyhound Lines provides special handling tags for Identification purposes along with claim checks, which passengers must attach to their bags.  It is important to note that all checked bags must have both a claim check and an ID tag which you will need to obtain from the ticket counter before you board.   Make sure your bags are properly tagged inside and out.  It is the company’s policy that the traveler is responsible for transferring their own luggage.  In the event assistance is required to transfer luggage such as with the elderly, disabled, or parents accompanied by small children, a special handling ID tag will be provided to affix to your baggage to identify it to Greyhound personnel who will help with the process.  Aside from this check-in process, passengers need to understand Greyhound luggage regulations, limits, overage fees, and other related baggage information.

Greyhound Luggage Limits and Regulations

Clerks at the Greyhound station, examine, weigh and measure the checked and carry-on bags to ensure they meet the follow guidelines:greyhound lugga limits

• Each passenger can carry on one small bag not over 25 pounds in weight.  Additionally this carry on bag will need to fit under the seat or in the compartment overhead.

• Greyhound allows each adult and child to check one piece of Greyhound luggage at no additional charge. Adults can check one additional piece of luggage for a charge of $15.00. Anytime passengers check more than two pieces of baggage it is charged out according to the Greyhound Package Express rates.

• All baggage that passengers check needs to weigh no more than 50 pounds or there will be a charge of $30.00 to $40.00 on it depending on the length of the trip.

• In addition to the above weight limits, baggage needs to measure no more than 62 inches when adding width, length and height together or there will be a $30.00 to $40.00 charge based on distance of trip. Some exceptions do apply to this rule.

  • Exceptions apply to the following: bikes, skis and poles must be fastened securely and packed in substantial containers.  Equipment for towing is required to be transported within rigid containers or wrapped in canvas and securely strapped or tied.  The limit for Towing equipment is 100 pounds actual weight.  Additionally these listed items will not be exempted from oversize fees.

• When luggage exceeds maximum weight and/or size, passengers will need to ship the pieces through the shipping program known as Greyhound Package XPRESS.

Content Restrictions of Checked Greyhound Luggage

Restrictions on content for checked Greyhound baggage include such items as firearms and ammunition, acids, flammable fluids, fireworks, compressed gases, cremated remains, corpses, and other items. Certain items such as perishable foods, TVs and other electronic items, and flammable film, when in the right packaging, are shippable through the Greyhound Package Express. Computer tablets and laptops are in the electronics category, and passengers can have them in their carry-on bags, but not in their checked bags. Check the complete list of prohibited items for checked bags at the Greyhound Lines’ website or at the nearest Greyhound station.

Maximum Liability on Checked, Greyhound Luggage and Overage Fees

Greyhound Lines allows $125.00 on a children’s ticket and $250.00 on an adult’s ticket for damages on checked baggage. These amounts do not include overweight, oversize, or additional bags, though, as they are limited to $100.00 per ticket. However, insurance is available on the oversize, overweight, or additional baggage at the Greyhound station at for $3.00 for a declared value of $100.01 up to $300.00. Extra insurance also is available for an additional fee for other luggage ranging in value from $250.01 up to $1000.00. Check on the official Greyhound website for further details.

In summary knowing these luggage limits imposed by Greyhound before you arrive can save you both time and money.  Be sure to check out some more Tips for taking a Greyhound Bus Trip to make your travel on Greyhound more enjoyable and hassle free and Greyhound’s Baggage Policy for additional restrictions on types of baggage allowed for travel.