Greyhound Express

When deciding to travel around the US, airfares can be pretty hefty. Luckily, Greyhound buses offer a cheaper opportunity, of which one of the biggest advantages is that it facilitates impromptu trips at relative cheap costs. There are quite a few other advantages to traveling on the Greyhound routes, but far more if you decide to go with the Greyhound Express buses. These benefits include:

1. You get to your destination faster
Unlike the regular Greyhound buses that make a great many stops along their routes, taking far longer to get to their ultimate destination, Greyhound Express does not. The whole point of the express service is to get you to where you want to go in the shortest time possible. As such, the only stops they make from one point to the next is one rest stop along longer routes and any other stop is out of courtesy to any passenger who might want to disembark along the routes. These courtesy stops, if they do occur, do not take more than a couple minutes, and are not done at Greyhound stations where there is a long wait for other passengers to board.

2. You get Wi-Fi
The Greyhound Express service, boasts that they have put a whole other spin on the general idea of wireless routers. They offer Wi-Fi connection on all their express buses. You might worry about the quality of the connection, however, past travelers have stated that the connection is quite good along most parts of the express routes. This is not a service you will get if you were to travel on the regular Greyhound buses.greyhound express

3. You have access to charging outlets
One of the greatest concern of any traveler is having their gadgets – phones, tablets and computers- run low on battery, especially if you are traveling alone. There is a great chance of this happening on a regular Greyhound bus, but say goodbye to low battery alerts and laptops turning into extra weight half way through your trip. The power outlets conveniently located throughout the Express buses will keep you fully charged.

4. You have extra legroom
The Express buses offer you more room to stretch your legs during the ride. The regular Greyhound buses have five more seats than the express buses. This might not sound like much to you now, but wait until you have to go ten hours in the same space and you will realize just how much of a difference fourteen inches make. Passengers who have traveled on both buses have delighted in the extra space, and so will you.

5. Your seating is reserved and guaranteed
When you travel on the Greyhound Express your seats are always reserved, hence, there is absolutely no need to get to the Greyhound station earlier than necessary. Once you have paid for your ticket and have it printed your seat will always be waiting, just ensure you show up with some form of identification. This is a more convenient way of traveling compared to regular Greyhound buses, where it is first come first serve situation.greyhound express reserved seating

6. You have fares as low as $1
For those who will plan their trips far in advanced, the Greyhound Express offers fares from as low as $1, and a fixed rate for those who cannot avoid planning their trips a lot closer to their date of departure. A deal you will not find with the regular Greyhound buses.

To help you figure out if the Greyhound Express service runs in your city of departure or destination, here are the routes they run and the location of the Greyhound Hubs:

– Glendale, California

– El Paso, Texas

– Dallas, Texas

– Chicago, Illinois

– Atlanta, Georgia

– Orlando, Florida

– Richmond, Virginia

– New York City, New York

Check out the Greyhound Express if you find it is heading where you want to go, and travel in style and comfort.


This streamlined passenger service should not be confused with the Greyhound Shipping Service known as Greyhound Package Express which offers affordable and convenient shipping opportunities.