Greyhound Bus Will Call Ticket Information

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As an option for purchasing and picking up Greyhound bus tickets, Greyhound offers a convenient Will Call service. Advance purchase and unrestricted fares, including senior, student, military and children’s fares, can be purchased directly from the official Greyhound bus website. Customers who select the Will Call option must ensure that the credit card number that they enter when booking their Greyhound ticket on the website is the same as the card that they will use when picking up their Greyhound ticket. Both debit cards and debit cards with a credit card logo are permitted for purchasing Will Call tickets.

greyhound bus will call ticket counter
To pick up a Will Call ticket, customers simply need to go to the Greyhound bus counter or the Ticket Center Express kiosk at the Greyhound bus station and present their credit card used for purchase, the reference number that was displayed after purchase, and a valid photo ID. If the credit card holder is not traveling, a reference number and valid photo ID are required to pick up the tickets at the Greyhound counter. In these cases, the person booking the Will Call tickets can create a pick-up password which the traveler can use as an ID. All Will Call transactions where the credit card holder is not traveling incur a non-refundable gift ticket fee. It is recommended that all customers arrive at the counter at least one hour prior to departure to receive their tickets.

The primary advantage of Greyhound Lines’ Will Call tickets is that customers can secure their reservation on a particular bus trip in advance so there is no need to be concerned if that trip sells out. Otherwise, a customer who shows up to purchase a ticket may be disappointed to find that they have to schedule a later bus trip or make alternative travel arrangements. Another advantage is that customers do not have to worry about losing their ticket since it won’t be picked up in person until the customer actually arrives at the Greyhound bus station. A final advantage is that there may be Greyhound discount offers available online where customers can purchase their Will Call tickets at a reduced rate.

The main disadvantage to using Greyhound’s Will Call ticket service is that all Will Call tickets are non-refundable. All fares that are non-refundable have no refund value, but they can be exchanged for another time and date for a fee of $20. In addition, it is important to note that this exchange must be completed before the scheduled travel date. Otherwise, the original Will Call ticket is considered null and void. Therefore, if a Will Call customer changes or cancels their travel plans, they will need to exchange their ticket in advance or lose their money. As an alternative, many of Greyhound’s bus tickets that are not Will Call tickets can be completely refunded and exchanged for no fee. In these cases, the refund or exchange must still take place before the scheduled travel date. For all tickets, Greyhound lines will make exchanges only based upon their schedule availability.