Greyhound Bus Ticket Prices for a Round Trip

We receive a lot of questions asking, what is the Round trip price to travel on a Greyhound bus? The standard answer to this question is the bus ticket prices for a roundtrip is typically twice the cost of a one-way trip on Greyhound. However, there are of course a number of variables that can cause fluctuation in these fares. Transportation companies like Greyhound typically offer several discounts and incentives which can change the actual price of a ticket for their patrons. Greyhound Lines, at first establishes a price for a one way fare for a route, from your desired departure and arrival locations.

greyhound one way ticket pricesThe standard Greyhound one-way fare can further be increased or decreased based on other factors. This is because; along with any kind of discount you receive, you can further adjust the price with the help of things such as your purchase method. The price of a Greyhound bus ticket purchased online will be different from the one that is bought at the counter or a kiosk. If you are unsure about your ultimate return date, going with a one way trip ticket will be more advantageous if your plans are not cemented, as it provides flexibility on your return dates and booking method.

It should be mentioned that there are numerous cases where the price of a round trip Greyhound bus fare will be lower than purchasing two one way tickets on certain routes. During slow periods, Greyhound Lines are known for offering special fares, that is, lower fare for certain routes. This is done by the company in an attempt to increase the sale of their tickets. Besides this, with the help of regional sales in specific locales, you can also lower the price of a round trip. So, with the help of these promotions, the traveler will be able to enjoy a round trip ticket that will be costing less than a one way ticket.

Truth be told, the ticket price of Greyhound buses are known for being variable. This inconsistent pricing takes place due to different reasons like – Timing, route, competition, availability, seasonality, and other such similar factors. A fixed price is seldom maintained however there is typically less fluctuation of Greyhound bus ticket prices in the popular routes like the North East connecting different key cities and destinations.

Besides this, additional fees can be charged by Greyhound Bus Lines, is also another reason why the ticket price varies. Violations of Greyhound’s Baggage Policy can also incur additional charges for such things as oversized and overweight baggage. If you do not follow these policies and regulations then you could have to pay these extra fees. It is in your best interest to go through all the rules and regulations before purchasing you Greyhound Bus ticket and boarding as it will help you to steer away from the additional fees.

greyhound tickets discount
If you are looking for a way to lower your Greyhound bus ticket price, then sign up for Greyhound Road Rewards program. You have to sign up before you buy tickets and signing up is easy and free. By just signing up, get the advantage of becoming eligible for free bus tickets and automatic discounts on your future purchase.

For more information on how you can schedule your trip with Greyhound, see round trip ticket prices, and much more, be sure to visit the Official Greyhound Bus website.