Greyhound Bus Lines Road Rewards Program

geyhound road rewards

Greyhound bus lines commonly known as Greyhound has extensive service to over 3800 destination in the United States, Canada and Mexico.  The company is very dedicated when it comes to providing the best services for each and every customer.  To ensure customer loyalty and brand trust, Greyhound has developed the Road Rewards Program. Thanks to this program, if you are a frequent Greyhound Bus patron you can get the advantage of reduced fares on your Greyhound bus ticket purchases.

We have provided a listing of different benefits provided by the Road Rewards program below:

Enjoy the Benefit of discounted Greyhound ticket prices just by signing up.  Greyhound wants the best for their customers and hence they want them to enjoy the benefits of the Road Rewards program as soon as they register for this.  Greyhound bus lines provides an impressive 10% discount on the next Greyhound bus ticket that is purchased after enrolling in the program.

Before jumping into the other advantages and discounts that is related to Road Rewards Program, First let’s just talk about Destination Points. Greyhound calculates “Destination Point” just by calculating the number of one way trips taken by a customer in a period of 12 months. So, now the benefits:

One-way Trips Destination Points

If you happen to be under the Road Rewards Program and you happen to have 6 one-way trips destination points then first of all, you will get to enjoy a free companion pass with a ticket fare that is paid in full. There is also the advantage of 15% discount on a one-time ticket for you. Besides this, enjoy a 10% discount on beverages and food and that too for a period of 12 months from your registration.

Similarly, if you happen to earn 10 one-way trips destination points then along with free companion pass; you will also get to enjoy a 20% Greyhound discount on your next purchased ticket. But, if you happen to earn 16 one-way trips destination points then you will be enjoying one free Greyhound ticket to a destination of your choice.

But, again it should be mentioned that to enjoy these Greyhound discounts you have to enroll. So, here is how you can enroll to enjoy the many benefits of Road Rewards Program:

How to Enroll?

greyhound road rewards sign up

It is a must to enroll yourself by giving your personal and valid details like your first name, last name, address, city, sate, zip, country, email id and mobile number. This can be done by visiting the greyhound’s official website and clicking on the registration tab. There are some other optional blocks like with whom you would travel with on Greyhound often, your marital status and your employment details. These are purely optional but the first part is mandatory.

There are much more exciting discounts for child, students, military personals and veterans. All the passengers are requested to check their eligibility for greyhound discounts under their
respective section for their respective routes; as greyhound bus fares and discounts fare may vary accordingly.

Have a safe, comfortable, relaxed and fun filled journey with Greyhound lines.