Greyhound Bus Canada

Traveling within Canada by bus offers a lot of advantages. You can definitely enjoy touring in different places within the country without having to fly by plane. If you would like to check out if there is a specific route available, you can conveniently find this information from the official website of Greyhound bus Canada.

greyhound canada

You will be happy to know that in almost all states, you can look forward to a more relaxed land trip via a Greyhound bus in Canada. The Greyhound bus fares in Canada are available in different rates depending on how passengers choose to book their trips and travels online. If you check out the Tickets & Travel Info of the Greyhound bus Canada official website, you will find a lot of options for booking your tickets.

Different Greyhound Bus Fares

Depending on your budget as well as your traveling needs and requirements, below are your options for Greyhound bus fares in Canada.

Flex Fares

If you would like to be able to book your tickets with as much flexibility when it comes to being able to change your mind about your schedule of travel, then you can choose this option for booking your travel.

  • This is a convenient option for passengers who are likely to anticipate some changes in their travel plans for some reason.
  • This type of booking also offers a refund feature without being charged of cancellation fees.

greyhound canda busEcono Fares

If you are less likely to change your mind about your travel schedule, then you might want to book as an Econo passenger in order to enjoy an even more affordable fare.

  • You need to purchase Econo fares a day ahead of your scheduled trip.
  • This type of booking has a non-refundable feature but for a certain applicable fee, it affords you the freedom to exchange it for another ticket.

Advance Purchase Fares

  • Pay for your fares within 21 days or for at least a week before your scheduled trip and you get to pay a lower fare (up to 50 percent off the standard fares) than the Econo fare.
  • This option also has a non-refundable feature but for a $15 fee, you may be able to exchange such type of fare for another ticket, provided that it is still within the year of purchase.

Commuter Fares

Enjoy huge savings when you opt for the Quicklink commuter passes feature. The commuter passes feature is available at lower rates to passengers in different options:

  • canada greyhound busMonthly Saver pass: allows unlimited travel within the month that the fare was purchased
  • Weekly Commuter pass: allows you to travel within 8 days
  • Flex pass: offers discount for the purchase of 20 one-way tickets,
  • 10-Trip pass: which offers discounted rates for your ten one-way trips.

Moreover, at Greyhound bus Canada, you can also purchase a roundtrip ticket to Ontario for your same day travel plans. You may need to check out the Greyhound bus Canada schedule and other information from the official website of Greyhound bus Canada to verify and confirm the routes and the schedule for the different trips available and for other special deals and discounts on Greyhound tickets that are available from time to time.

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