Buying Greyhound Bus Tickets Online

Established in 1914, Greyhound is a national bus service provider that operates over 13,000 daily trips. It serves US destinations and even Canada. Greyhound lines are connected to smaller towns by regional US carriers. Greyhound buses are used for Amtrak’s Thruway lines, where they connect train stations to places that don’t have rail services. Purchasing Greyhound tickets is really simple and there are many ways to do so.
buying greyhound tickets online

Purchase Options
Greyhound provides various ways through which to buy tickets. You can buy Greyhound tickets at bus terminals, by phone using a credit card and also online. Paper tickets are sent by email, printed at home or held for pickup at Will Call. There are also greyhound agencies and these mainly operate in areas that don’t have a dedicated bus stop. Such agencies are operated by local businesses such as hotels. The tickets can also be found at large bus stations as well as self-serve stores. The 7-Eleven convenience stores located in Dallas and Fort Worth areas have a special arrangement in which customers are able to order Greyhound tickets online and then pay for them using cash money at the store.

Buying Greyhound tickets online
Greyhound currently offers various advance purchase of tickets. Online ticket purchasing lets you buy a ticket right from the comfort of your home. When you buy online, you have the option of printing that ticket at home or purchasing it for pickup at a bus terminal through Greyhound’s Will Call service. In case you choose the option of Will Call, the credit card number that you enter must match up with the number shown on the card. The company also accepts debit cards with credit card logos.  You can find more Greyhound Bus Will Call Ticket Information on our page.

Benefits of buying Greyhound tickets online

Ultimate convenience
When you buy online, you don’t have to go through the hassle associated with buying tickets from agents or vendors. You can purchase both one way and round trip tickets right from the comfort of your living room and you even have the option of printing your ticket right there.

No waiting in long lines to buy greyhound tickets
There are no lines to buy your ticket. You don’t have to waste your valuable time going to a vendor to look for tickets when you can buy them over the computer on your couch.

Convenient for international travelers
It could be that you do not reside in the US but are visiting from another country or Canada. If you want to travel by Greyhound bus once you are in the US, the only way to buy advance tickets is through the internet. You can buy your ticket without any hassle from whatever location that you are in. Therefore, if you are coming from another country, the only possible means of buying tickets is through greyhound bus tickets

Buy tickets at any time of the day
Online ticket purchasing gives you endless possibilities. You can buy your tickets at any time you feel like. Whether it is in the middle of the night or at dawn, you will get your ticket. You do not have to observe any closing or opening hours. You can buy your ticket on week days, weekends, holidays and any other time that is convenient for you. Buying Greyhound tickets online gives you unrivaled flexibility.

One of the most often overlooked ways to Get a Greyhound Discount is to purchase online and take advantage of some of the web only fares.  In addition if you purchase your tickets far enough in advance you can also receive and Advanced Purchase Discount.  Typically neither of these opportunities exist as a walk up purchase.

Disadvantages of buying the tickets in person
While you can walk to any agent of Greyhound and buy bus tickets, it is not the smartest idea. Unless you live next to the shop that sells these tickets, you will need to travel just to go and book a ticket. And that’s not all. You also have to contend with the long lines that characterize peak seasons. You really don’t have to go through this. The simple solution is to go online and purchase greyhound tickets. Just like that. You should be worried about greyhound bus lines fares and schedules which can all be found online, but not about how to buy your tickets.

There are many ways through which you can purchase your Greyhound ticket. These include from agents, over the phone and from Greyhound bus terminals. Of all these methods, buying greyhound tickets online appears to be the most appealing option. It is not only convenient and simple but also saves you the agony of waiting for long hours just to purchase tickets. It is much better than going to an agent in person to buy a ticket. Save time and money with this smart move.