Bus Travel Etiquette

We cannot help the fact that some people who use the public buses lack proper etiquette. They do things that are not the perfect example of good manners while riding public utility buses. More often than not, attitude problems like these are one of the top causes of disagreements and even arguments inside the bus.

Needless to say, if you want to avoid getting into any situation you have to be properly versed in the basic etiquette points when riding a bus and getting Greyhound tickets.

3 Etiquette Violations When Riding a Bus

Talking Loudly in Mobile Phones

One of the most common “etiquette violations” that people do on a bus is to talk loudly on their mobile phones. Oftentimes the person himself is not aware that he is already talking loudly on his cell phone because his focus is more directed to the person who is on the other line. As a result, the person ends up talking louder than the usual compared to when he is talking face to face with somebody.

  • This being said, you have to keep your voice down low if you receive a call while riding public buses. Be mindful of the other passengers who are taking the ride with you because some people might not like any noise during that time.

Putting Bags on the Seat

Another “violation” that most people do is to put their bags on the seat next to them if they see that the bus is not full. But there are also some who doesn’t take their bags from the next seat even if the bus is already full. This kind of action is just plain rude and shows nothing but how ill-mannered you are.

  • So the next time that you ride a bus, be considerate enough to put your things on the floor or put them in your lap. This way you will not be disturbing the other passengers of the bus.

Having Bad Odor/Hygiene

Although this may not be considered an”etiquette violation” while riding a bus, but there are times that other passengers smell really bad. You could have come from a very laborious and manual day job or from a sport practice but you have to make sure that you don’t smell bad so that you don’t “disturb” the other passengers.

  • Take note of this if you are riding an air conditioned bus because the odor will only revolve inside the bus due to the lack of natural ventilation. Change your shirt or if possible take a quick shower just to rid your body of germs that cause body odor.